Behold, a Blog's Been Born

     After somehow managing only to garner two hours of sleep before my body wrested itself from Mr. Sandman's arms and being allowed a substantial amount of time to stir, alone, in the depths of my psyche, I've decided it's probably a bad idea to pen up such thoughts and created this catastrophe waiting to happen. Although, somewhat in retrospect, I suspect that releasing such ideas to the public might not be such a good idea itself, either.

     But that doesn't mean that it won't be fun.

     I've always been keen on the concept of keeping a journal of some sort anyway, but I could never keep up with the blasted things. I think it may have had something to do with the fact that I had to sit down and physically pen my thoughts to the paper, and, while I absolutely adore my handwriting, it was a meticulous process that, combined with current schoolwork at the age, compounded cramp upon cramp on my poor, thin little wrist. That said, I think an online diary may be a much better prospect in that not only is it easier on the hands, it's impossible to misplace, as had taken place more times than I'd like to admit.

     While that alone is more than likely enough a reason to merit the birth of a blog, I must also call to light that I love to type. As my fingers fly across the board at a keen 88 words-per-minute, I can't help but lose myself in the clacking sound of my fingers fleetingly kissing the keys. So, in a way, I suppose that it won't be just an outlet through which I can channel my thoughts, but also an indulgence in that I can get my fix, so to speak, as I really don't do enough typing now that I'm not in school. And I do miss that.

     Typing, not school.

     As for the content of the thing, I'm not really sure what to tell you to expect, should you even have made it THIS far. It's possible that maybe I'll complain a bit about how mundane my reality is, or the rut I'm in that has been carved as a result. I may list in detail that which I find most fascinating about my current love-interest (of which, I feel I must warn you, I've plenty). Or I may ramble of nothing at all, which is characteristic. I like to talk, see; But, I guess you'd have picked up on that having taken a glance at how wordy I like to be.

     It's at this time I'd like to point out for no apparent reason that this is probably the tenth time I've tried pressing 'Tab' to indent my paragraphs only to instead have my cursor carried over to 'Post Settings'. It looks like I'll have to ween myself from my familiarity with word if this is going to be more cathartic than frustrating. I... look forward to that.

     At any rate, there it is. Or here. I'll likely make multiple posts per day, given that my job is to literally sit and watch a screen and I'm sure I'll have plenty of thoughts racing through my head within that time. I look forward to watching this blog flourish--and I hope you'll be there to watch it with me, if for no other reason than for the fact that you're nosy as hell.



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